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Sidste frist for ansøgning 22 april 2019

2D Graphic Designer with 3D Aptitude

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Terma A/S, Aarhus

2D Graphic Designer with 3D Aptitude
Would you like to create innovative graphic design for the defense and aerospace industry?

Then this is your chance to join a team of tech experts and, with them, explore a world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

You can see an introduction to Terma by our CEO, Jens Maaløe, right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-FEkK6dz7w&feature=youtu.be.
Welcome to our Smart Product Innovation Lab
At our office in Lystrup, you will be joining our Technology and Innovation division where we work with the latest technologies, creating solutions for the defense and aerospace industry. Here, you will be a part of our Smart Product team in our Innovation Lab where you join a growing team of 6. Together, we explore and develop concepts and new groundbreaking technologies within the realm of digital solutions, VR and AR.
Visualize new technology
As our graphic designer, you can expect to work closely with the team’s software and 3D graphics engineers, and you will be involved in a wide range of small projects. We are focused on rapid development, however, as you will be working with the graphic elements of our work, you will get to immerse yourself more in the graphic detail.

Your assignments will depend on the project at hand, however, in short, you will focus your attention on the technologies your team are exploring. Doing so, you will be working in programs such as the Adobe Suite, Unity3D and 3D Studio Max, making our ideas come to life.
Join a team of highly skilled tech enthusiasts
At Terma, we consider skilled employees, enthusiasm and job satisfaction the very foundation of our success and a prerequisite for the development of our “best-in-class” solutions. We lead the way in applying new technology, offering a wide range of growth opportunities for each individual and emphasizing mutual respect across the board in our workplace.

“We are a young team of largely self-managed tech enthusiasts where there is room to play, so to speak. We work very well together to test and develop new solutions, and though not all of our projects pan out, we do take each and every project very seriously and aim to learn from our mistakes,” explains Morten Jepsen, Specialist, Smart Products.
Experienced graphic designer
We are looking for a talented graphic designer who can create top-of-the-line 2D and 3D designs. You need to think innovative thoughts and be ready to learn new things and pursue knowledge, but you do not need to have an outgoing personality. We expect that you:

  • Most likely have a degree in graphic design
  • Are a 2D specialist and know your way around Photoshop and can work with videos, and it is a big plus if you are familiar with the rest of the Adobe Suite
  • Have UX experience
  • Have hands-on experience with 3D modeling, and it is an added bonus if you know Unity3D and 3D Studio Max
  • Speak and write Danish as well as English fluently and good communication skills is a plus, but not a requirement

Additional information
For further information, please contact Vice President, Innovation Lab, Jesper Freltoft by telephone +45 40445246 or by jefr@terma.com.

Please apply by clicking “Apply”.

Working at Terma

Employment in Terma is either the start or the continuation of a career within a unique domain. Our strengths are dedicated professionalism, willingness to learn and improve, and strong relations between colleagues and customers worldwide.

Unique solutions require talents. We make an effort to create an optimal environment for individual development through specific training as well as good leadership. Read more about working with us.

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About us

The high-tech and innovative Terma Group develops products and systems for defense, non-defense and security applications, including command and control systems, radar systems, self-protection systems for aircraft and vessels, space technology, and aerostructures for the aircraft industry.

Terma A/S is headquartered at Aarhus, Denmark. Internationally, Terma has subsidiaries and operations in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and the U.S. Read more at www.terma.com.

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