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Sidste frist for ansøgning 9 december 2019

Woodworker / Designer / Production-manager

Keybird Instruments IVS, Copenhagen

Woodworker / Designer / Production-manager / – Wanted for musical instrument building

Keybird Instruments IVS is a start-up developing an acoustic piano that will be as practical and affordable as possible. Digital sound does not please all ears – in fact, almost everybody prefers acoustic piano sound.

Imagine a harp with piano keys and hammers, with a max weight of 50kg, only 1 meter wide so that it is transportable in normal cars and consumes less space in fx an apartment.

Founder Lander Pinson has a mechanical engineering degree from DTU, 6 years of working experience with product development and a M.A in music. He leads the product development.

The first model to be released in early 2020 is in the late prototyping phase. Other members of the company are students. The developments are funded by Innovationsfonden.

You are expected to start in January-February 2020, at our space in a co-working community on Amager, Copenhagen, close Christianshavn. Working part-time is possible in the beginning, but the goal should be to grow to full-time.

Due to this being a role with significant responsibilities in a start-up, company share options will be a possibility.

Responsibility description

Possible backgrounds for this role would be furniture design, woodworking in general, technical design, production engineering… many options. The most important thing is that you are intrigued by production processes, natural materials like wood and steel, music in general and pianos in particular.

It will help you a lot if you like working with CNC and laser machines. Our production philosophy is based on usage of plate material as standard available raw material. The prototyping cycle (CAD, we use Fusion360, including CAM programming, machine operation, assembly and testing) should also fascinate you. As soon as a product is ready for serial production, it will be your responsibility to manage the production (hire, train and supervise helpers), quality control, material acquisition and logistics. We are a start-up (do not expect a factory, yet), so many different things need to be taken care of. Being open minded and flexible, together with keeping focus and a result oriented approach is what you need to be able to combine. It should be typical for you, that you manage well by yourself in combination with continuous feedback to the team. Some teamwork experience would therefore be helpful.

It is quite essential that you know how to work with CAD and general office programs. The main thing you need to bring along is good problem solving mindset though.

With the right mindset, nothing in this job will be difficult.

You will join a start-up that has mastered a great deal of the chaos already, with still enough of flexibility to welcome initiative. You are expected to bring a strong sense for structure, process optimisation and connections with partners in local and international industry context, based on your fascination for start-ups in general.

Please do get in touch if this sounds interesting !

+45 60 5331 51 │ lander@keybird-instruments.com



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